Ena Barclay

Ena Barclay began a teaching career in her home Parish of Westmoreland where she taught at the Sheffield All-Age School.

Position: Assistant Secretary


Sherlock Allen

Sherlock Allen is a graduate of the Mico Teachers’ College and has served as Principal of Somerset All Age, Whitfield All Age as well as the Mavis Bank High School.

Position: Executive Director


Dottlyn Dawes

Dottlyn Dawes a graduate of the Shortwood Teachers’ College she also attended the University of the West Indies where she earned a Bachelor of Education Degree.

Position: Executive Director

Fergus Mitchell

Fergus Mitchell is originally from the Parish of St. Elizabeth, where he began his teaching career as a Pre-Trained Teacher in 1968.

Position: Director

Lincoln James

Lincoln James hails from the Parish of Hanover where he was first introduced to teaching at the Jericho Primary School when he worked as a Pre-Trained Teacher.

Position: Director


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