Who can become a member of the JTA Co-op Credit Union Ltd.?

Membership is opened to all workers in the educational sector who are members of the Jamaica Teachers’ Association (JTA).

How do I become a member?

Once you are a member of the Jamaica Teachers’ Association you are eligible for membership at JTA Co-op Credit Union. You may join by completing our membership application form (see e-forms page for a copy) and submit the following with your completed application form:

  • Passport-sized photograph

  • Two of your most recent pay slips (for proof of income)

  • Proof of address. This may be a utility bill in your name or postmarked envelope addressed to you. You may also submit an address verification form witnessed by any of the following: JP, Police Officer in the rank of Inspector, School Principal or Minister of Religion

  • Proof of JTA membership. Your pay slip or your JTA membership card may suffice here

  • Valid photo ID ( Drivers’ Licence, Voters’ ID or Passport).

  • TRN card – needed if ID being used is a Passport or Voters’ ID

  • Initial deposit of $2,510.00


How soon can I borrow?

You are eligible for a Loan within Savings immediately after joining

You are eligible for a starter loan or any secured loan after 3 months of consistent savings

You are eligible for all other loans after 6 months of continuous savings

How much can I borrow?

You are eligible to borrow up to 10 times the amount saved in your shares. The maximum amount any one member is able to borrow is $ 10 million.

Are my loans at JTA Co-op Credit Union insured?

JTA Credit Union insures loans of up to $6million (for each member) at no cost to members.

What are the investment rates at JTA Co-op Credit Union like?

JTA Co-op Credit Union will pay members up to 7% pa. on investment in the Teachers Optimizer Plus account. Members earn 6% pa. on savings in the Golden Harvest Savings Account.


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