JTA Co-op Credit Union’s Tertiary Scholarships & Grants

The Jamaica Teachers’ Association Co-op Credit Union Ltd, awards Tertiary Scholarships and Grants to members of the organization who are in their final year of study at a recognized tertiary institution.

The awarding of grants & scholarships began 32 years ago as part of the Credit Union’s 25th anniversary celebration. The scholarship programme recognizes and will award any of the Credit Union’s members attending a tertiary institution- whether local or international. The only requirement is that the member must be in their final year of study at the first degree or masters’ degree level.

In 1999 when the JTA Co-op Credit Union celebrated its 40th anniversary a very prestigious component was added to the scholarship. That is the Desmond “DC” Gascoigne Award for Excellence. This is the highest award and it is given to the member who receives the best score from their application and interview combined.

There are a total of three categories in the awards. These are: 

  1. The Desmond “DC Gascoigne Award for Excellence- given to the applicant with the highest overall score.
  2. Tertiary Scholarships- the number of scholarships awarded each year in this category varies. It is determined by the strength of the applicants from year to year. So for example, in 2013 four (4) Tertiary Scholarships were awarded, however in 2015 only 2 were awarded. 
  3. Grants- as with the Tertiary Scholarships, the number of grants awarded varies from year to year. 



JTA Co-op Credit Union 2017 Tertiary Scholarship winners. Also pictured are (front row) Widow of Desmond Gascoigne Mrs. Gloria Gascoigne, (back row) Board Treasurer Cyril Lebert, First Vice President of the Board Fitz Carr and the JTA Co-op Credit Union’s General Manager Robert Ramsay.


JTA Co-op Credit Union GSAT Bursary Programme

In 2010 the JTA Co-op Credit Union awarded its first-ever GSAT bursaries. These bursaries were born from a suggestion made by a member at the Credit Union’s 2009 Annual General Meeting (AGM). GSAT Bursaries are granted to students who: have parents or a parent that are members of the Credit Union and perform very well in their GSAT exams. At the beginning of the programme only one child from each parish was awarded a bursary, however in 2015, the Credit Union changed its approach and started awarding a total of five students from each parish. This brings the total number of students who receive grants and bursaries from the JTA Credit Union on an annual basis to seventy. Additionally, every applicant, whether an awardee or not, receive a small gift.



2017 GSAT Bursary top winners who attended an Awards Luncheon they are flanked by the Asst. General manager Mr. Winston Reid & JTA Co-op Credit Union Board Director Dr. Margaret Bailey