General Information

You are eligible borrow up to three (3) times your shares after three (3) months of membership.

Loan Within Shares

As soon as you become a member, you are eligible to borrow 100% of what is saved in your shares (Loan Within Shares). To apply for this loan, take in a valid photo ID and your last two pay slips. Same day turnaround time!

Loan Within Deposits/Savings

You can borrow up to 90% of accumulated savings in your Golden Harvest Plan and up to 100% of funds invested in the Special Deposit Account (Term Deposit). To apply, take in a valid photo ID and your two last pay slips. Same day turnaround time!


Auto Loan

Drive away confidently in your new car with the JTA Co-op Credit Union Auto Loan package. Get up to $5M to purchase a new or used vehicle up to 6 years old
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Home Equity Loan

Use the equity in your home to finance. If you are a member of the JTA Credit Union for more than 3 months and have one tenth of the loan amount in your shares, you are on your way!
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Mortgage Loan

You can get a maximum of $4 million for home or land purchase and $2 million can be accessed home improvement or for building on land.
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Back to School Loan

There is no need to worry about Back to School Expenses. After six months of membership, you will be eligible to apply for the JTA Credit Union Back to School Loan and get up to $150,000 with 18 months to repay.
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Special Education Loan

Wondering how you’ll pay your tuition? Get a JTA Credit Union Special Education Loan and access up to $450,000 for tuition fees for yourself or your dependent with up to 48 months to repay.
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Vacation Loan

Taking a vacation? Going abroad or staying local? Take in the following and get up to $100,000 for your vacation expenses. You are eligible for this loan after 6 months of membership.
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Computer Pak Loan

Need a computer? Forget about hire purchase and get a JTA Credit Union Computer Pak Loan. You can get up to $100,000 to purchase your computer with 18 months to repay.
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JTA Credit Union Sure Advance Loan

Are you currently repaying a long term, secured loan? Would you like the option of getting some quick cash using your Golden Harvest or Term Deposit Account as security?
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