Voluntary Shares Account

Upon signing up for membership you immediately start this account with an initial deposit is $510.00. This account has a minimum monthly saving requirement of $2,000.00.

Why build up my shares? For one, an attractive interest is paid each year (depending on the surplus earned by the Credit
Union) and the more you save, the more you earn! Secondly,
the more voluntary shares you have, the more you can borrow!


Christmas Club Savings Account

The smart way to plan for Christmas is way in advance! Start a Christmas Club savings plan at your school and do just that. To start a Christmas Club Savings Plan, at least five members at your school must come on board and save together each month. One member of the group can assume the role of the bursar and deposit your savings at the Credit Union at the end of each month. As a group, you’ll benefit from a higher return on your savings.


EASI Access Savings Account

You can have 24 hour access to the money you have saved in this account through the Access Plus Debit Card. You can use your Access Plus debit card at any ATM or Point of Sale Machine Island wide. You only need $500.00 to start!


Ordinary Deposit Account

This is a regular savings account that attracts interest and that can also be used to secure a loan.