Our Remittance Partners

If you are planning on migrating any time soon, here’s something we’d love for you to keep in mind!

You can now make payments directly to your JTA Credit Union Account through our VMBS Money Transfer Service (VMTS) partners overseas! 

Just visit any one of the following International Remittance Partners:

1.            Ria Money Transfer

2.            Sigue (Coinstar)

3.            Choice Money Transfer

4.            Rapid Remittance

5.            Xoom Corporation

6.            Financial Integrated Services (Grand Cayman)

7.            NCS e-Money Services (Turks and Caicos)


When sending remittances kindly ensure that the following information is included:


•             Remittance sent to JTA Credit Union via VMBS Money transfers Services


•             Senders Name:  JOHN DOE


•             Account Number: 000000


After this is done, please send an email with instructions for account allocations to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.