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In late 2019 the world heard about CoVid-19 for the first time. Maybe some persons thought it would be a novel disease, one that would flare up and die down just as quickly as it came. But today, nearly a year after it was first identified, the virus is not only still with us, but has gripped us all in its strangle hold and has changed our lives greatly.

Many of us have heard the saying that we should save for a rainy day. By all accounts, the rainy day is here, and some of us may have been caught unawares. As a member of the JTA Co-op Credit Union, I am sure you have been affected in one way or other by the CoVid-19 pandemic. You may now be concerned not only with the immediate health of your families, but also their economic survival and the psychological impact of it all.

I am using this post to reassure you that the JTA Co-op Credit Union remains devoted to serving you, our members. We remain mindful of our role in combating this national pandemic and seek to reassert our commitment to stand firmly by you.

To ease your economic pressure your Credit Union has created a new loan facility, the Helpline Relief Loan. This loan product can be access by any of our members who may has been negatively affected by the pandemic and are left with few options. I am mindful of the fact that there are some members who may not be in need of another loan at this time. In fact there are some who may be feeling somewhat crippled by debt. If this is your experience, we invite you to come in and talk with us, or write to us, so we may help you find your way through. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have a genuine need.

We have worked hard to ensure that you reap the benefits of being a member of this credit union, to that end we are offering our annual dividend payments to our members as we have consistently done over the years.

I would like to return very briefly to the point about the CoVid-19 pandemic. Since it was identified in Jamaica, the JTA Co-op Credit Union has been focusing on playing its part to minimize the spread of CoVid-19 by maintaining a safe and clean working environment for our staff and the general membership and we will continue to do so. Things seem to be returning to normal and the country is once again reopening its doors. We welcome this development, however we are not going to relax our guard, and conduct ourselves in a blasé manner. To ensure the continued safety of our staff and you our valued member the JTA Co-op Credit Union will remain proactive and vigilant to local developments we will continue to abide by all the necessary procedures to contain the spread of CoVid-19 while we serve you through our various channels. Most of you would have noticed some of the measures we have already put in place to ensure your safety. So, while you prepare to collect your dividends this year please make sure that you too abide by all the necessary procedures. We have published information regarding how the payout will be done this year so I am urging you to contact your local branch office for the details or send an email to us at; to obtain same.

This is your Credit Union and our entire aim is to serve you to that end, we have created something for everyone. If it is relevant to you and it is your desire you may apply for the Helpline Relief Loan, if you are having financial difficulties you may come in and talk with us so we can sort things through and remember that we have other loan facilities available that you can benefit from. Finally, we are making annual dividend payouts this year and stand ready to give you what is yours. Please contact your local branch to find out how payouts will be done this year.   


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