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We Have Added a New Tertiary Scholarship Category in Time for Back to School

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The JTA Co-op Credit Union is proud to share that we added a new category to our long standing Tertiary Scholarship just in time for back to school.

Before I get into that though let me take this opportunity to say a big welcome back to a brand-new school year to all our teachers and students.  This year, 2022/2023, is particularly exciting because this is the first full year being back in the classroom since onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To mark this historic school year we introduced a brand-new category in our tertiary scholarship program, The WA Johnson Tertiary Scholarship Awards.


Who Was WA Johnson?

The award is named in honour of one our founding fathers WA Johnson who, at a Jamaica Union of Teachers meeting in 1959 moved the motion to create a credit union that caters solely to the needs of teachers.  The motion was carried and later that year in the month of October the JTA Co-op Credit Union Ltd. officially came into being.

Mrs. Sherene Anderson-McLaughlin is the first to receive the newly instituted WA Johnson award. Mrs. Anderson-Johnson receives her award from the Assistant Secretary of the Board Mrs. Karen Hewett-Kennedy.


We felt it was time to establish that new scholarship category because we want to do more to and give further honour to those who gave so much to establish this institution that has touched the lives of so many.


The WA Johnson Scholarship is second in prestige to the DC Gascoigne Award for Excellence.


The D. C. Gascoigne Award remains the most prestigious award in the tertiary scholarship category, and is awarded to the most outstanding tertiary scholarship applicant.

The DC Gascoigne award was named for another founding father, Desmond Charles Gascoigne who was the Credit Union’s first President of the Board of Director, after serving as the Board President Mr. Gascoigne served for several years as General Manager.

Mrs. Anderson McLaughlin will go down in our history as the first member to win this newly established award.

Our 2022 DC Gascoigne awardee is Mrs. Stephanie Wright-Grant, she is here pictured with Mrs. Gloria Gascoigne Widow of Desmond Gascoigne, Mr. Cyril Lebert Board Treasurer, Mrs. Suezette Hemmings-Bryan Manager HRD & Administration and yours truly, your General Manager Robert Ramsay.


Mrs. McLaughlin was awarded at a recently held ceremony and was among ten other members who received tertiary scholarships and grants. Our 2022 awardees are: Kimberley Miller, Leon Thomas, Shauna-Gaye Anderson-Williams and Karlene Spence-Smart.

Our Grant awardees are: Hilma Ann Hyatt-Chambers, Karen Gilfillian-Morgan, Rushane Lindsay-Manning, Renique Raymond and Georgia Spencer-Hall. To all our awardees I say a big congratulations and wish you all the best for the new school year.

The JTA Co-op Credit Union Ltd. is humbled by this opportunity to serve our members in this ay and recommits itself to continuous support and serve our members.

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