I, irrevocably authorize JTA Co-operative Credit Union Ltd (hereafter called “the Credit Union”) to act on any instructions, which are received by the Credit Union via telephone, facsimile or email transmission, subject always to such facsimile or email instructions being signed in accordance with the signing authority given to the Credit Union by me and that my identity is verified for all telephone requests prior to the Credit Union processing any such request.

In consideration of the Credit Union, any officer of JTA Co-operative Credit Union Limited, your agents or otherwise acting in accordance with any such telephone, facsimile or email instructions I:

1. Agree to indemnify the Credit Union and to keep it indemnified against all actions, proceedings, liabilities, claims, damages, costs, losses and expenses in relation to your acting on such instructions; and irrevocably authorize the Credit Union to debit my account immediately with all sums paid by JTA Cooperative Credit Union in respect of such instructions, and to further debit my account with all sums of money whatsoever, interest on money, costs, charges and expenses which the Credit Union may incur as a result of its complying with such telephone, facsimile or email instructions.

2. Agree to be individually liable under this indemnity in respect of any and all accounts.

3. Dated

*Qualified witnesses:
Justice of the Peace; Attorney-at-Law; JTACCUL Representative