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Paul Adams

President of the Board of Directors

Mr.  Adams is an esteemed educator who presently holds the position of Principal at Herbert Morrison Technical High School in Montego Bay. Mr. Adams has dedicated several years of service to the Board of the JTA Co-operative Credit Union, he was Initially appointed as Assistant Treasurer in 2003, and ascended to the role of President of the Board of Directors in November 2015.

Additionally, Mr. Adams boasts the distinction of serving as Past President of the Jamaica Teachers’ Association (JTA) on two occasions.

Ena Barclay

1st Vice-President

Ena Barclay embarked on her teaching journey in her hometown of Westmoreland, starting at Sheffield All-Age School. She has since taught at Trinityville Secondary School and Lyssons Primary, where she also held the position of Principal. Mrs. Barclay is an alumna of Shortwood Teachers’ College and the University of the West Indies.

In 1999 she was elected to serve on the board of directors of the JTA Co-op Credit Union, and currently serves as the 2nd Vice-President of the Board of Directors.


Sancia Stewart-Williams

2nd Vice-President

Mrs. Sancia Stewart-Williams currently holds the position of Principal at Bethel Town All Age. With a strong conviction that children should receive a well-rounded education, she emphasizes exposing her students to more than just academic subjects.

Mrs. Stewart-Williams holds a Master’s Degree in Literacy from the UWI, a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Science from Western Carolina University, and a Diploma in Double Option English from the Mico College. In 2007, she joined the JTA Co-op Credit Union Ltd. as a member, and in 2020, she commenced serving on its Board of Directors.

Cyril Lebert

Board Treasurer

Mr. Lebert currently holds the position of Treasurer on the Board of Directors of the JTA Co-op Credit Union. Before assuming this role, he served as a Director on the Board. With a background in education, Mr. Cyril Lebert embarked on his teaching career in 1958 as a Classroom Teacher at Mt. Vernon All-Age after graduating from Mico Teachers’ College and the University of the West Indies. Over the years, he progressed to become the Vice-Principal of Trinityville Primary in 1975 and subsequently assumed the role of Principal at Pembroke Hall High by 1979.

Patrick Smith

Board Secretary 

In 1994, Mr. Patrick Smith was elected to the Board of Directors of the JTA Co-op Credit Union, marking the beginning of his longstanding service. Over the years, he has held various positions on the board, starting as a Director, then advancing to 2nd Vice-President, and currently serving as Secretary. Mr. Smith’s teaching career commenced in 1967 and continued until 2000 when he transitioned from his role as Lecturer at Church Teachers’ College to join the Jamaica Teachers’ Association (JTA).

His academic credentials include a Trained Teacher Diploma and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of the West Indies, along with an Executive MBA from Barry University.

Dr. Margeret Bailey

Dr. Margaret Bailey stands as an accomplished educator with over three decades of teaching experience, currently holding the esteemed position of Principal at Rollington Town Primary School. Originally hailing from the parish of St. Ann, Dr. Bailey received her foundational education at Runaway Bay All-Age School and the prestigious St. Hilda’s Diocesan High School. Her journey in education led her to Kingston where she pursued studies at St. Joseph’s Teachers’ College.

Dr. Bailey’s academic achievements are remarkable, boasting a PhD degree in Educational Psychology with highest commendation, a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology with distinction, and a Bachelor’s Degree in History with Honours from the University of the West Indies. In 2004, she was granted a Research Fellowship to the University of Alberta, Canada, where she completed intensive training in qualitative research methodologies.

Currently the Principal of Rollington Town Primary Dr. Bailey has dedicated her Career to excellence in education and community development. This has garnered her recognition, including being honored with the National Badge of Honour for Meritorious Service to Education and Community Development in 2023.

Karen Hewett-Kennedy

Assistant Board Secretary 

Mrs. Hewett-Kennedy serves as the Assistant Board Secretary of the Director on the Board of the JTA Co-op Credit Union Ltd. Her journey in education began in 1978 at Bridgeport High School, where she started as a teacher and steadily climbed the ranks to eventually become Vice-Principal and then Principal. After dedicated service at Bridgeport, she transitioned to the role of Principal at Portmore Community College, where she ultimately retired.

Mrs. Hewett-Kennedy’s educational qualifications include graduation from the Mico Teachers’ College and the University of the West Indies. Her dedication and contributions to education were recognized in 2013 when she was honored with the National Order of Distinction in the field of education, reflecting her outstanding achievements and impact in the sector.

Lincoln James

Executive Director

Mr. James originates from the Parish of Hanover, where his teaching journey began at Jericho Primary School as a Pre-Trained Teacher. After completing his training, he assumed the role of Principal at Irwin Hill All Age School. His dedication to education led him to pursue further studies, graduating from the University of the West Indies in 1976 with a Bachelor of Education Degree. In 1987, he accepted the position of Vice-Principal at Mouldon Secondary School.

In 1992, Mr. James took on the role of Principal at Howard Cooke Primary School, where he served until his retirement. Mr. James holds a Master’s Degree in Education from Central Connecticut State University.

In addition to his accomplishments in education, Mr. James was elected and appointed to the Board of Directors of the JTA Credit Union in 2001, further contributing to the educational community.


Lebert Drysdale


Mr. Drysdale currently holds the position of Regional Officer for Secondary Supervision in Region II, Portland, within the Ministry of Education, Youth & Information. His extensive career includes roles as an Education Officer at the Jamaica Teaching Council and acting positions as Senior Vice Principal and Vice Principal at Happy Grove High School. Additionally, he has served as a Lecturer at Mico University College.

Throughout his career, Mr. Drysdale has actively participated in various committees within both educational institutions and the Ministry of Education. He has demonstrated his commitment to community involvement by serving in leadership roles such as President and Vice President of Seaside Basic School P.T.A., Treasurer at Happy Grove High School, and currently as President of the Fairy Hill Estate Citizens Association. Moreover, he contributes to the spiritual well-being of his community as a Minister of Religion at the United Pentecostal Church.

Mr. Drysdale’s educational qualifications include a Master of Arts from Mico University College and a Bachelor of Science in Teaching from the University of the West Indies. Additionally, he has received training as a School Inspector in Information Technology Level 1. Elected to the Board of Directors in 2017, Mr. Drysdale continues to bring his wealth of experience and dedication to his role within the organization.

Ray Howell


Mr. Howell embarked on his teaching career at Grateful Hill Primary School, where he dedicated his expertise from 1972 to 1985. Transitioning to Drews Avenue Primary in 1985, he continued to contribute to education until his retirement. Notably, Mr. Howell served as Principal of Edith Dalton James High School for several years, leaving a lasting impact on the institution.

His academic qualifications include obtaining a teaching Diploma from Mico Teachers’ College, as well as achieving a Bachelor of Arts Degree, a Diploma in Business Administration, and a Master of Science Degree from the University of the West Indies.

Recognized for his significant contributions to education, Mr. Howell was elected to the Board of Directors of the JTA Co-op Credit Union in 2004. In 2013, he was honored with the Prime Minister’s Medal of Appreciation for Services in Education, highlighting his exemplary dedication and impact in the field.

Lou-Ann Bramwell-Shakes


Mrs. Bramwell-Shakes currently serves as a Teacher-Librarian at Hayes Primary & Junior High School. Her journey in education commenced at Kemps Hill High School, where she fulfilled roles as both a teacher and a netball coach. Graduating from Bethlehem Teachers College, Mrs. Bramwell-Shakes furthered her education, obtaining a Bachelor of Education from the University of the West Indies and a Master of Science in Educational Leadership from Central Connecticut State University.

Recognized for her commitment to the educational community, Mrs. Bramwell-Shakes was elected to serve on the Board of the JTA Co-op Credit Union on May 4, 2013.


Melva Humes-Johnson


Melva Humes-Johnson is the former Principal of Iona High School, embodying a deep commitment to education. Throughout her distinguished career, Mrs. Humes-Johnson has held various pivotal roles, including Senior Teacher, Head of the Disciplinary Committee, Vice Principal, Acting Principal, and her current position as Principal.

Her academic qualifications reflect her dedication to professional development. Mrs. Humes-Johnson holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Education from the University of Sheffield, a Bachelor’s Degree in Educational Administration from the University of the West Indies, a Certificate for Effective Principal from the National College of Educational Leadership (NCEL), and a Diploma in Primary Education from Moneague College.

Mrs. Humes-Johnson’s leadership extends beyond her school, as she has served on numerous committees in various capacities. Notably, she has held positions such as President of the JTA West St. Mary District Association for two years, JTA Parish President for St. Mary, Chairman of the Parent-Teacher Association Committee (PAC) at JTA, and Chairman of Secondary Schools at JTA. Her multifaceted contributions to education exemplify her unwavering dedication to the advancement of students, teachers, and the educational community as a whole.

Mr. Huit Johnson


Mr. Huit, a dedicated lifelong educator, has recently retired after serving in various capacities at several institutions, including roles as Principal and Project Officer at Technical Vocational Educational Training (TVET). A trained teacher with a Bachelor’s Degree and a Diploma in Physical Education, Mr. Huit’s passion for service has led him to offer his expertise on numerous committees.

Notably, Mr. Huit has chaired the National Sports Committee at JTA from 2007 to 2015, demonstrating his commitment to promoting sports and physical education. Furthermore, he has served as Lieutenant Governor for Division 23 West, Middlesex South, Eastern Canada, and the Caribbean in 2019, showcasing his leadership and organizational skills on an international scale. Additionally, Mr. Huit has contributed to community development as a Distinguished President of the Kiwanis Club of Spanish Town in 2007.

Adding to his impressive service record, Mr. Huit now assumes the role of Board Director of the JTA Co-op Credit Union, further exemplifying his dedication to enhancing the educational and financial well-being of others.

Rudolph Sewell


Mr. Sewell brings a wealth of experience in educational management to his current role as Vice President (Administration) at The Mico University College, a position he has held since September 2017. Prior to this, he served as President of the institution and also held the position of Dean of the Faculty of Education.

His academic credentials include an Executive Masters in Educational Management with Distinction from The Mico University College in collaboration with The Mona School of Business and Management. Additionally, he holds a Bachelor of Science in Trade and Industrial Education with Honours from the University of Arkansas and a Teachers’ Diploma in Industrial Arts with Honours from The Mico College.

Mr. Sewell is actively engaged in professional associations, being a member of the Association of Caribbean Higher Education Administrators (ACHEA). He also serves as a board member of Jonathan Grant High School and The Mico University College.

His commitment to the Credit Unions is evident through his longstanding membership in the Jamaica Teachers’ Association Cooperative Credit Union (JTACCUL) for over 30 years. Moreover, from 2020 to 2023, Mr. Sewell contributed his expertise as a Member of the Supervisory Committee of JTACCUL, demonstrating his dedication to financial oversight and cooperative governance.

Alfred Thomas


Mr. Thomas embodies the qualities of a resourceful and transformational leader, dedicated to empowering individuals to become impactful and successful members of society. Currently serving as Principal of Brown’s Town High School, Mr. Thomas’s educational journey began with graduation from Mico University College. He furthered his academic pursuits by earning a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Technology and a Master’s of Science Degree in Educational Leadership & Administration.

With a teaching career spanning over two decades, Mr. Thomas has held various roles, starting as a classroom teacher in 1999 and progressing to positions such as grade coordinator, Vice Principal, Acting Principal, and now, Principal.

Committed to serving his community, Mr. Thomas has been involved in numerous capacities, including membership on the Career Advancement Programme – National Technical Working Committee and serving as an Executive Member of the Inter Secondary School Sports Association (ISSA). He has also contributed as the Public Relations Officer for Region 3 Secondary School Leaders Association. Additionally, Mr. Thomas serves as a Justice of the Peace, further demonstrating his commitment to community service.

His dedication and contributions have been recognized by various organizations, including awards from Lasco/Jamaica Teaching Council. Notably, Mr. Thomas was honored with a Leadership Cup during the Pandemic in 2020, highlighting his exceptional leadership during challenging times in Region 3.


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