Company Profile

Who We Are?

We are a member owned financial organization that serves teachers and other workers in the education sector who are members of the Jamaica Teachers’ Association. Since our establishment we have worked hard to ensure that our members are able to ‘BE THEIR BEST’.

Our products are specially designed to empower our members financially and to help them achieve their life’s goals.

What We Offer?

The JTA offers savings, loans and investment options designed to help our members be their best. Members begin their relationship with the Credit Union with their Voluntary Shares Account. This account give the members stake in the Organization and gives them the power to borrow, grow wealth and be a proud owner of one of Jamaica’s foremost institution. The exemplary performance of the JTA Co-op Credit Union over the years has earned it the top award in the Mega Credit Union category for the years 2007, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and again 2014.

The organization is headed by Mr. Paul Adams, Chairman of the Board and is managed by Robert Ramsay, General Manager.

Our Mission & Vision

To improve the lives of our members through the provision of excellent
financial services delivered by a highly motivated and competent team.

JTACCUL is financially strong, member focused, easily accessible,
technologically adept and the Premier Credit Union in Jamaica.

How It All Began!

Mr. W. S. A. Johnson, a teacher at the Wait-A Bit School in Trelawny has the distinction of being the man to move the resolution to bring the JTA Credit Union into being. Mr. D. C. Gascoigne, a teacher at Kings All Age School in Westmoreland, seconded the motion at the Conference of the Jamaica Union of Teachers in January 1959. The Credit Union was brought into being as a central unit designed to meet the needs of all teachers.

Myrtle Irving, W. S. A. Johnson, C. L. Stuart and G. W. Little are among some of our other pioneering members.

In July 1959, the Credit Union began preliminary operations, and in October of the same year, the Jamaica Teachers’ Association Co-operative Credit Union Limited was registered as a Credit Union under the Co-operative Society Act.

At that first historic meeting of the Credit Union, 167 persons were admitted to
membership, with a share capital of $2000. Fifty-two (52) district associations were established and a mandate given to develop a branch in each district.

The JTACCUL grew rapidly and by 1960, the membership increased to over 1000 and the share capital to $52,000.

After many discussions with the Ministry of Education the pay roll deduction system was implemented by the Credit Union in 1970. Pay roll deductions proved to be a boon for the Credit Union and by 1974 5,000 members were erolled and the first $1,000,000 in share capital reached. In addition, by 1977 the JTACCUL was the largest Credit Union in Jamaica with 10,000 members and $7.5m in share capital.

Our Trail Blazers

Mr. Desmond C. Gascoigne the first President of the Credit Union and served in a number of roles on the Board of Directors for 28 years. He then moved on to become the General Manager in April 1977.

The late Isaac S. W. Henry became the President following Mr Gascoigne and then the late Rev. U. C. Wolfe, W. Titus and R. K. Ellis all followed Mr Henry. The late Dr. Dorothy Raymond is the first and only female to be elected to the position of President of the Board of Directors a post she held untill her death. The current President of the JTA Co-op Credit Union is Mr. Paul Patrick Adams.