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Refund, Return and Cancellation Policy

1.1 Because there is no tangible product to be returned to us for resale, we do not offer refunds. Customers should note that payments once received will be considered final, and will not be refundable.

1.2 We do not charge you for the cost incurred to remit your payment via this medium. We strive to provide details concerning the products to which payments are made and have also provisioned an option if you are uncertain and you can provide a description to guide the allocation of funds. Where it is not clear how to allocate the payment will be  applied across your account in our best judgement relying also on previous payment pattern and allocation directions.

1.3 If there is any sort of problem with our system, such as:

  • The product/service paid to is not the product/ service you requested payment to
  • The product/service is correct but does not match the payment details.
  • our system experiences a problem between payment and remittance of payment to your account and your account is not updated after you have paid.

If you experience any of these problems, you must contact us immediately. You must provide evidence to substantiate your claims as above.

1.4 We may give a refund if your credit card has been charged an extra erroneous amount. However, refunds are given only at the discretion of the JTA Co-operative Credit Union Ltd . You must provide evidence to substantiate your claims for a refund. You must supply all the information requested by us to investigate and/ or facilitate the determination of a refund.

1.5 All requests to negate charges are investigated by our technical and legal department. If you make a fraudulent claim of unauthorized card usage, we will report this to the credit card services. This report may result in cancellation of your card services, put negative information on your credit report, and create possible criminal charges that may be filed against you.


1.7 The JTA Co-operative Credit Union Ltd reserves the right to modify this Refund Policy at its discretion, or against any customer it believes is abusing this policy. Any such revision or change will be binding and effective immediately after posting of the revised Refund Policy on the JTA Co-operative Credit Union’s Website- You agree to periodically review our Web sites, including the current version of our Refund Policy. Our refund policy is made available on our Website. It is your obligation to review our refund policy for any such revisions.