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Make payments to your JTA Credit Union account directly from you Scotia Bank account or your NCB account here’s how:

Paying from an NCB Account

First set up the JTA Credit Union as a beneficiary for online payments to do this:

  • Login to your NCB online banking account
  • Select ‘Bill Payment’ and then ‘pay your bill’. A new browser page will open.
  • Select ‘add payee’
  • Select all categories’ and then select JTA Co-op Credit Union Ltd.’
  • Select ‘Next Step’
  • Fill out all fields and select ‘Confirm’ followed by ‘Payee added’ confirmation message

Then start making payments; to do this:

  • Select ‘Make Payment’
  • Scroll to and select ‘JTA Co-op Credit Union Ltd.’ from your list of beneficiaries
  • Enter relevant information. JTA Credit Union account numbers must be 4-10 digits in length
  • Select ‘Go to next Step’
  • Review all information and select ‘Confirm’, you will receive a confirmation of Payment.

Paying from your Scotia Bank Account

Login to your Scotiabank account online banking platform

  •  Select ‘Pay’
  • Select ‘Manage Payees’
  • Select ‘Add Payee’ icon on the right of your screen
  • Type ‘JTA Co-Op Credit Union’ in search
  •  Next, insert your JTACCU account number (use zeros before your account number to fill spaces as A/C numbers should be 11 digits)
  •  Select ‘Confirm’

Once the beneficiary/payee is added then you can go ahead and make payments to do that:

  • Select ‘Pay’
  •  Select ‘Pay a Bill’ from drop-down menu
  •  Select ‘JTA Co-op Credit Union’ and click ‘Next’
  •  Input amount and pay bill
  •  Click ‘Next’ and confirm payment


We are a member owned financial organization that serves teachers and other workers in the education sector who are members of the Jamaica Teachers’ Association. Since our establishment we have worked hard to ensure that our members are able to ‘BE THEIR BEST’.

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