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Are You Covered?

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Procrastination is often called the thief of time, and when I was young, I sometimes heard older people say delay means danger. Phrases such as these were designed to impress upon us the urgency of doing all that we need to as soon as possible without wasting precious time. Although we know that wasted time cannot be regained some of us still dally when there are important things to be addressed. Regardless of the consequences we all indulge in some form of procrastination every now and again. Unfortunately, this attitude or way of thinking overtakes us not only at times when the matter is small but, also we need to be making preparations for serious life matters. Matters such as arranging for the necessary financial coverage that can take care of the final arrangements for us and our loved ones.

Perhaps when we think about being struck by a serious illness or even death the eventuality seems far away like something that doesn’t really warrant immediate consideration. However, the march of Covid-19 has brought into sharp focus the fact that sickness and its sometimes companion death is something that can come upon any of us at any time.

So, in this post I want to talk about that unacceptable enemy death, yes death.

Losing a loved one can be very painful and tragic but in my humble opinion the experience can be worsened when we do not have the financial capacity to make those necessary final arrangements. Covid-19 has re-enforced the reality that young or old anyone can die. Therefore, it is incumbent on all of us, no matter who we are, to make preparations for ourselves and our loved ones.

While we are here, and while we have the time and the means I am imploring you valued members to make those preparations for your loved ones so that you are not caught off guard if they should leave you. I know that someone may ask how can I prepare for the death of a family member when I have no money? My simple answer is that for a member of the Credit Union it is relatively easy, with the use of our Family Indemnity Plan (FIP) product. I won’t go into much detail about the product here except to say that as a member of the JTA Credit Union Ltd. you can insure yourself and five other family members for one low premium. The amount you pay
per month can range from a little over four hundred dollars to nearly six thousand dollars depending on the plan you choose. The plan you chose will also determine the payout you receive in the event of the death of a loved one. There is no time like the present to put into place all the plans necessary to take care of those final arrangements for yourselves and your loved ones.

Visit or call our Offices and find out about the Family Indemnity Plan as soon as possible.

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