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JTA Co-operative Credit Union Inspiring Educators and Building Dreams

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For over six decades the JTA Credit Union Limited (JTACCUL) has demonstrated an undeniable passion for improving the lives of educators, and this year was no exception, as the Credit Union hosted its Annual Awards Ceremony. The event served as a platform to recognize and celebrate the academic achievements of our recipients in the Credit Union’s 2023 PEP Bursary and Tertiary Scholarship Programme.


Thirty-nine years ago, the Credit Union instituted the Tertiary Scholarship Programme with a mission to actively support the educational aspirations of our members, by awarding them with scholarships and grants during their final year of study at the tertiary level. Over the years, the Credit Union’s contributions to this scholarship programme have gradually increased to provide more members with an opportunity to succeed.


Eleven outstanding JTACCUL members were awarded scholarships and grants, to assist with the completion of their undergraduate or master’s degree.  All recipients were recognized as individuals who have distinguished themselves in the teaching profession and in their educational pursuits. This year, Tyrone Knight, Vice Principal of Vere Technical High School was recognized as the overall Top performer, receiving the D.C. Gascoigne award, while Carmen Josephs, Dean of Discipline at the Tivoli Gardens High received the W.A. Johnson award. Both awards were created in honour of two of the Credit Union’s founding members and are endowed to recipients who scored exceptionally well across all areas in the assessment process.


2023 Tertiary Scholarship Awardees


Additionally, the Credit Union awarded sixty-two of its members’ children from across the island. These were students who sat this year’s Grade 6 Primary Profile Examinations (PEP).  They were awarded bursaries and grants valued over $1.2M.   Of the sixty-two recipients awarded PEP bursaries and grants, Derval Martin of the Black River Primary was recognized as the ‘Top Boy’.  He recently commenced his secondary level education at the Munroe College.  O-kya Hanson, outgoing student of Moneague Primary and Junior High was awarded ‘Top Girl’.  She began her well anticipated journey at the Campion College for this academic year. It is anticipated that the bursaries and grants awarded to all PEP recipients will assist greatly in easing the burden of financing the next stage of their education, as they prepare their way to become the future generation of leaders.


PEP Bursary awardees 2023


The General Manager of the Credit Union, Robert Ramsay, in his address to the recipients at the Awards Ceremony, stated that: “As Jamaica’s second largest Credit Union, the JTA Co-op Credit Union knows what can be gained through hard work and commitment”.  He highlighted the organization’s awareness of the financial challenges that exist and expressed his hope that through our contributions, we can make things just a little easier for you our members and by extension your children. Mr. Ramsay reiterated how happy the Credit Union is to support the educational pursuits of both our members and their children. He also noted that the organization looks forward to successes to come for all awardees.


In the reply on behalf of the awardees, D.C. Gascoigne awardee Tyrone Knight spoke for all when he said  that the scholarship programme is a testament of the JTACCUL’s dedication to promoting excellence in education. He emphasized that the Credit Union’s commitment goes beyond financial aid.  It is a vote of confidence that motivates educators to strive for greatness and to make a positive impact on the nation. He expressed his gratitude and stated that “this scholarship has not only alleviated the financial burden associated with pursuing higher education but has also opened doors to countless opportunities by allowing me to focus on my studies without worrying about the cost of tuition, books, and other educational expenses”.


As an organization that serves the financial needs of our nation’s teachers and employees within the education sector, these scholarships underscore the JTA Credit Union’s advocacy for our nation’s development. Our scholarship programs are core to our mission and, as the Credit Union continues to grow in the many years to come, so too will our enduring commitment to fund initiatives that will empower our members towards the realization of their full potential.




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