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The JTA Co-op Credit Union now accepts online payments to members’ accounts

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Members of the JTA Co-op Credit Union will be pleased to know that no matter where they are in the world, they can maintain their account with the organization. The JTA Co-op Credit Union has given each member greater control over servicing their account through its online payment facility on their website ( . Members can now make payments to their savings or loans account without stepping foot into a branch office. “This is revolutionary,” Denise Walker the Marketing & Public Relations Officer of the Credit Union said. She added that, “it will give members the power to increase their savings or pay off their loans as quickly as they desire.”

At present the system accepts payments from Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards. The payment process is simple and very straight forward. As long as the member knows their account number, they can complete the process in three simple steps. Members who do not know their account number are invited to contact the Credit Union to obtain same. “We know time is precious for all our members,” Mrs. Walker said, “not everyone will be able to visit the Credit Union to make deposits, that is why we implemented this system, we are inviting as many members as possible to make use of this new arrangement.”

Members who want to know more about this new and exciting avenue of payment can contact their local branch offices, call 876-618-1706 or email

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